Masonic Passports  

These Passports are made with a royal blue leatherette cover for long wear. The pages are 'Acid Free' 24lb light blue parchment to hold a crisp imprint of the Lodge seals.  The Passport size is approximately 3 5/8" X 5 1/2".  Since the Passport is currently hand made, the size may vary slightly.

Passport Cover:

Passport Cover

Page 1:

Travel Warrant page to be filled out by the Brother or the Lodge Secretary.

Page 2 & 3 of Passport
Page 2 records personal information of the Mason and the dates of his initiation, passing and raising.
Page 3 records the Mason's home Lodge and may be attested to by the Lodge Secretary as being in Good Standing with space for 4 years.  This page is not intended to be a replacement for the Mason's official Dues/Membership Card.

Page 4  showing the visitation page:
Two visitations can be recorded on each page and room for the Lodge Seal at the bottom of each visitation.
  There is space to record 26 visitations while not making the Passport bulky.

Passports are $10 each, including First Class US postage.  Payment by cash, US Postal money order or check accepted. I do not accept WalMart money orders (MoneyGram).

I've had several Masons just put a $10 bill in the envelope when ordering.  
Overnight (not recommended) and International mail may required extra postage. Email me with your address, I'll check the postage rate.

Also, you might want to consider sending orders by Certified Mail ($2.85) or Delivery Confirmation ($1) to confirm when and where delivered and insure against lost mail.

E Mail Address:

My Mailing Address:
Masonic Passport
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My Passport:

If desired, a special Travel Warrant page can be made by the Mason;  trimed to fit and glued over the genric Travel Warrant page; use blue parchment paper and Elmer's stick glue.

The photo should be 2 inch X 2 inch passport style.    A quick photo can be made by using the digital camera at arms length slightly above the eyes.  Crop photo square (height & width) as shown.  Resize the photo to 2 inch X 2 inch and at 600 dpi or better.  Then print with inkjet printers at 600 dpi; use Elmer's stick glue to attach to the page.   .... This is what I did.  And, be careful of what is in the background! 

The Lodge visitation page, hopefully the Secretary will have his Seal to imprint your vist.   The Lodge vistitation on the left is Sealed; the visitation on the right is not (oh ...well).    While this passport is not intended to replace or substitute for the Dues/Membership Card, the recorded Lodge visits and Lodge Seals do become a good 'vouch'.